Coach Lamp Storage

ClosetCoach Lamp Storage

6x8 ft. / 48 sq. ft.

Equivalent to the average walk in closet, or an eight foot trailer.

Miscellaneous Storage: Suitable for boxes, seasonal items, clothing, books, record / file storage, camping equipment, and extra items.

Small Bedroom: Suitable for storing several small pieces of furniture and several boxes. 

SmallCoach Lamp Storage

10x12 ft. / 120 sq. ft.

Equivalent in size to a sixteen foot trailer.

1 - 2 Bedroom Apartment: Suitable for storing extra items, mattress, seasonal items, clothing, small sofa, small furniture, bicycles, record / file storage.

MediumCoach Lamp Storage

12x20 ft. / 240 sq. ft.

Equivalent in size to a single car garage or a small sized moving van or truck.

2 - 4 Bedroom Home: Suitable for four bedrooms, king size mattress, major appliances, clothing, and business merchandise.

LargeCoach Lamp Storage

12x30 ft. / 360 sq. ft.

Equivalent in size to a large size moving van or truck.

3 - 4 Bedroom Home: Suitable for living, dining, several bedrooms along with extra items such as appliances, seasonal, camping equipment, and clothing.

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